Fogel Bahar IP offers more than 35 years of experience in the fields of Hi-tech and Bio-tech, during which the firm has handled hundreds of different cases.
We go with our clients through the processes of identifying innovation, IP-related strategic decision-making, patent drafting and worldwide submission and prosecution. We also manage the company’s IP portfolio while keeping an open eye to innovations and an open mind to abandonment decisions.

We believe that a strong patent is a combination of several elements: research of the existing precedents, the examination of the company’s strategic missions and the innovation and creativity of the inventors. These result in patent drafting that covers the widest range possible in that particular field of innovation, and allows the company to safely advance in the business world, acknowledging the real value that it holds.

Our expertise lies in the following areas:

– Algorithms, Software and Software-based Systems.
– Mechanics, Optics and Electronics-based Medical Devices.
– Semi-conductors, Electronics and Electro-optics.
– Communication.


A trademark is used to differentiate certain products or services by a person or company from the products and services of other persons or companies in related fields. Thus, a trademark serves not only a legal function but is a marketing tool.

At Fogel Bahar IP, we specialize in the identification and registration of trademarks that carry a potential profit for a company and that meet the criteria for registration, which are:

  1. That the trademark is of a distinctive nature.
  2. That it is non-descriptive.
  3. That it doesn’t conflict with previous trademarks or requests for registration.

As a part of the process, at Fogel Bahar IP, we survey an international portfolio of trademarks for our clients. This process includes providing a deep analysis, explaining different options for potential trademarks, assisting in the decision-making process, and handling the registration process.

At Fogel Bahar IP, we handle trademarks of many different types, such as products, technologies, website domains, and more. Trademarks are viable for ten years. After ten years, they can be renewed unlimitedly.


A design is a patent that protects the innovation and originality of a product’s design (such as layouts, decorations, a drawing, etc.).
Since a design’s characteristics can apply to more than one product, registering a model is crucial in the design and industrial manufacturing fields.

The patents and design law specifies that each product or industrial design can be registered as a design as long as it carries a special design or a visible decoration and is original and new and was not previously sold, marketed, or advertised prior to the submission.

Fogel Bahar IP assists its clients throughout the process of design registration. The process includes creating a submission strategy that will both fulfill the legal function of protection and will provide commercial and marketable potential for later use.

According to the patents and design law, a design registration can be renewed every five years (subject to renewal fees) for up to a maximum of 25 years.


Patent renewal is an annual procedure that the patent attorney performs for the client in order to extend the patent’s validity. It is a heavy financial expense that costs thousands of dollars to the patent owner.

Fogel IP can reduce this cost significally and saves tens of thousands of dollars each year to its clients.


This is our premium service, and the proven way for companies to maximize their IP potential. Working in this model allows companies to handle their IP at the highest of levels and creates an IP portfolio that supports the company’s business strategy and results in a measurable value.

As a firm that was launched by veterans of the Israeli Hi-tech and Bio-tech Industries, we understand the difficulty of companies that don’t keep an internal IP department to run a methodic process of portfolio creation. This is why Fogel Bahar IP offers IP department management, creating an added value that is higher than the ordinary patent attorney can offer.

Our value-added services include:

1. Working closely with the R&D to identify innovations.

2. Drafting, supervising submissions in the different stages.

3. Keeping track of competitors’ IP 4. Proactively igniting processes.