Fogel Bahar IP is a patent attorney’s firm dedicated to providing solutions for a wide range of needs in the fast-growing intellectual property domain. 
We are committed to providing our clients with a service package that is adapted to their needs, starting with the identification of an idea, continuing with appropriate strategic consultation considering the legal and commercial limitations of their field, and up to drafting a patent application in a manner that serves the client’s goals in the most precise way.

Fogel Bahar IP was founded in 2002 by Ronny Fogel, one of Israel’s Hi-tech industry pioneers and the IP manager of Creo, Scitex and Kodak for many years.
In our 22 years of existence, we’ve accompanied more than 700 technology companies, in all stages – from early innovation stage through funding stages – and IPOs and exits. Ronny Fogel has managed the firm for 15 years and now serves as a professional consultant.

We provide a combination of invention analysis, precise market research, and a deep understanding of the field of IP and its variety of legal possibilities. Thus providing our clients with the right solutions and services they need.

Fogel Bahar IP serves local and international clients in several industries, including software and algorithms, electronics, mechanics, optics, and integrated systems. Our expertise and services, among others, include: patent drafting, worldwide submissions, managing patent prosecution processes and consulting, patentability searches, FTO – Freedom to Operate analysis, trademarks, designs, advisory, IP management, training of R&D departments and renewals.


Our solutions rely on the unique combination between technological expertise and our deep understanding of complex business.
The result is a multi-dimensional perspective of the client’s invention vis-à-vis the relevant business environment.
This perspective allows us to accompany our clients in building an IP strategy that serves the company’s needs precisely, at every given moment, thereby providing the right infrastructure to increased business activity.

An active analysis of the company’s status in the business, technology and legal aspects, combined with a proactive approach on our behalf, creates the perfect atmosphere for methodical and accurate decision-making.
These decisions support the different functions in the company and promote strategic goals.

This method of accompaniment, creates not only a true and meaningful value for the company, but also a complete transparency of our work and significant cost reductions.

To perform our job at the highest level, we’ve developed iClaimTM which helps us to accurately write the patent, free of flaws.